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Hanyun Chen


Hanyun Chen, born in 2000 in Hefei, China, embarked on an academic journey that has led him to a profound interest in postcolonial literature, particularly focusing on the works of writers in the South Pacific. After completing a Bachelor's Degree in English, he furthered his studies with a Master of Philosophy in Modern and Contemporary Literature. Throughout his academic pursuits, Hanyun has honed his expertise in postcolonial literature, with a specific focus on the works of New Zealand writer Keri Hulme.

His research delves deeply into various aspects of Hulme's fiction, including the reconfiguration of Maori mythology and the exploration of environmental themes. Additionally, Hanyun investigates how Hulme's writing contributes to the broader discourse on postcolonialism on a global scale. His scholarly pursuits aim to shed light on the complex intersections of culture, identity, and power in the postcolonial context.

Outside of academia, Hanyun serves as an administrative assistant at an international language school, where he provides valuable services and support to students from diverse backgrounds. With a passion for deepening his understanding of postcolonial literature in New Zealand and the South Pacific, Hanyun aspires to pursue a PhD in the near future, further enriching his knowledge and contributing to the discourse in his field.

Hanyun Chen
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