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Gökalp Boz


Gökalp Boz was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1999. From an early age, his discussions with his father sparked an inquisitiveness about the human mind and daily interactions. This curiosity led him to pursue a bachelor's degree in psychology at Istanbul University, where he specialised in psychoanalysis during the initial phases of his academic journey.

Gökalp gained practical experience working in a neurophysiology laboratory at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine Hospital. Here, he delved into the methods of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, discovering a passion for the intricate connections between cognitive processes and neurological mechanisms. This passion inspired him to further his education and research pursuits.

To deepen his expertise, Gökalp enrolled in the Applied Experimental Psychological Sciences master's programme at Università Milano Bicocca, where he is currently studying. His academic and hands-on experiences have shaped his dedication to cognitive psychology, particularly focusing on implicit cognitive processes. Gökalp's ambitions include pursuing a PhD in cognitive psychology to expand his knowledge and research in this field.

Outside of his academic interests, Gökalp enjoys playing the guitar, sketching caricatures, and reading about art history and comic books.

His specialty areas are:

• Cognitive Psychology

• Neurocognitive Psychology

• Social Cognition

Gökalp Boz
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