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Ana Ionita


Ana Ionita, born in Romania in the year 2000, has long harbored a passion for understanding human behavior and championing justice. Embarking on her academic journey in Romania, she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Alongside her studies, her dedication to imparting knowledge led her to attain certification as a psychology teacher.

Driven by a desire for international exposure and a specialization in forensic psychology and human rights, Ana sought opportunities beyond her homeland. To broaden her horizons, she participated in a summer school on "Human trafficking and sexual violence in conflict" at Maastricht University.

With a thirst for deeper knowledge, Ana relocated abroad for her Master's degree, enrolling in Legal Psychology studies in the Netherlands. Alongside her academic pursuits, she actively engaged in various experiences and volunteer work, offering her expertise to diverse populations, including prisoners, children on the autism spectrum, victims of sexual violence, and refugee children.

Ana's professional journey also includes forays into human resources, where she gained experience in recruitment, feedback teams, and audit processes. Currently residing in the Netherlands, Ana is dedicated to carving out a career in legal psychology, with a particular inclination towards the human rights sector. Here, she aims to apply her diverse skill set to make meaningful contributions to society.

Ana Ionita
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