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Alessandra Cipolloni


Alessandra Cipolloni was born near Milan in 1996 and moved to Rome during her childhood. Her passion for books and literature was ignited during her school years, where she won literary prizes and studied Latin and Ancient Greek. Alessandra completed a BA in Italian Literature and an MA in Methods and Topics of Art Management. She has worked in museums in Milan and at an auction house in Rome, specifically in the Books and Manuscripts Department. Meanwhile, she began another MA in Italian Studies.

Throughout these years, Alessandra's passion for literature continued to grow, as she consistently combined her studies with a keen analysis of historical contexts and their implications in the present. She finds beauty in both the written word and visual art, with a deep love for medieval literature and its symbolism. Her interests also extend to mythology and anthropology.

In addition to her academic and professional pursuits, Alessandra finds creative expression in cooking. She enjoys experimenting with different flavours and techniques, finding joy in the culinary arts. She also draws inspiration from nature, finding fulfilment through hiking and exploring the unknown.

Her specialty areas are:

• Italian literature

• Medieval studies, manuscripts, and philology

• Visual arts and their techniques, Art Market

• Classical studies

Alessandra Cipolloni
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