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Swarnila Saha was born in 2000 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After completing high school, she started her Bachelor of Arts program in Psychology at the University of Arizona. However, realizing that her questions about the human mind are deeply philosophical rather than psychological, she decided to switch to Philosophy after completing a semester and has never regretted it since. Two years after studying, she moved to Canada to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree in Philosophy at the University of Manitoba. Due to interactions with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, she has developed a holistic approach to life. Her interests include regularly participating in philosophical discussions in academia and beyond, exploring new places, and reading. After completing her Bachelors, she hopes to join PhD program in Philosophy in the United States.

Her specialty areas include:

· Philosophy of Mind

· Philosophy of Science

· Metaphysics

Swarnila Saha

Swarnila Saha

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