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Mary Helen Brighton, originally from small town, USA. Mary Helen has been widening her horizons and studying the world we inhabit since her graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in both International Studies and Latin American and Latino Studies from the University of Arkansas.

Continuing on a curious path, she completed her Master of Arts in Peace Studies at the American University of Rome in Rome, Italy. She completed a successful thesis entitled, Racism and Resegregation in American Education Systems. She has lived and worked in Santiago, Chile and is currently residing in Rome, Italy.

Mary Helen actively pursues her love of travel and cross cultural communication, photographing and writing about her experiences along the way. At the moment, she is interning with the United Nations World Food Programme and building a career in international communications and humanitarian advocacy.

Her areas of expertise include:

Peace and Conflict

Gender Studies

American Politics

Humanitarian Aid

Refugee Policy

Digital Advocacy

Mary Helen Brighton


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