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Sebastián Campo Toro

Associate Legal Affairs Director

Sebastian Campo Toro, originally from Cali, Colombia, is a dynamic legal professional with a fervent passion for international law, compliance, and legal innovation. Sebastian's expertise lies at the intersection of international law, technology, and design, where he pioneers cutting-edge solutions to simplify complex legal processes.

With a solid background in ADR, compliance, and legal innovation, Sebastian brings a wealth of experience, a proactive attitude toward learning, and an innovative spirit to every project. He is driven to make the legal world more accessible and efficient through his work in legal tech and legal design. His holistic approach combines technology, intellectual property, and artificial intelligence to address intricate global legal challenges.

Sebastian's journey is marked by adaptability and a relentless pursuit of innovation. Join him on the path to a more user-friendly and inclusive legal future.

Sebastián Campo Toro
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