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Ruth Dada

Legal Consultant

Ruth Dada was born in 2000 in Nigeria and now lives in England. She obtained the International Baccalaureate Diploma and went on to study an LLB Law with Criminology degree at the University of Birmingham. She considers herself a student of life who has a deep passion for learning and, in the future, aspires to further her legal studies in the LPC and obtain a Criminology and Forensic Psychology masters. She is eager to use this knowledge to pursue a career in criminal justice, advocate for policy reform and give back to her community. She has worked on the Radical Youth Birmingham committee, volunteered as hate crime responder and looks forward to doing more victimology and legal aid work in the future.

Outside of academics, her hobbies include reading, creative writing and skincare. She also enjoys experiencing new cultures and learning new languages- currently Ruth can speak 3 languages but hopes to learn more.

Ruth’s specialty areas of interest are:

  • Law

  • Criminology and Social Policy

  • Psychology

  • Literature

Ruth Dada
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