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Natalia Szatkowska

Legal Consultant

Natalia Szatkowska, was born in Poland, she moved to Germany at the age of 16 and stayed there for the next 5 years. She is now pursuing bachelor studies in European Law taught in English at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland.

Her experience encompasses not only legal field, but also finance and technology. While living in Munich, Vienna and Berlin during her teenage years she had an opportunity to attend the most interesting cultural events happening in Europe and she got to see famous art works in Munich Pinakothek or the Austrian galleries.

She has first worked for a non-profit branch of Austrian bank in Vienna helping people in debt, then she was coordinating collaboration of German fashion brand with Polish manufacturers, meanwhile also working part-time at Berlin Olympic stadium coordinating sports events. Her latest experience in Poland was to work as an account operations representative for an American corporation offering their services for Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Being aware of quickly changing demands of the job market, she carefully considered her choice of degree and research field. In the past she has completed courses focused on IT in particular software testing. European Legal Studies programme allows her to deepen knowledge in the European Union’s structures, global politics and a variety of legal fields significant internationally. However, for her bachelor thesis she is concentrating on research in intellectual property law, human rights & big pharma.

Her specialty areas:

  • Organization and Coordination

  • Human Rights


Natalia Szatkowska
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