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Maria Torres

Legal Consultant

Maria was born in Argentina, and she is currently living in The Netherlands. She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) where she obtained her degree in Law. After that, she began her career as a Lawyer at a prestigious Law firm in Buenos Aires, specializing in Copyright. That position allowed Maria to gain vast knowledge in the field working with Museums, Art Foundations, and prestigious painters, writers, and photographers.  

Later she explored a different field of Law, specializing in Employment and Labor Law, finalizing her LLM - Master in Employment Law & International Labor Relations in Buenos Aires. She worked for a decade as a legal advisor for a diverse group of Companies as well as private clients and she became a highly skilled litigator professional tackling complex lawsuits. She has also worked extensively in the field of Mercantile, Contracts, Liability, and Civil Law.

Relocated in Europe, Maria continues her professional training in the international field through diverse academic programs in International Affairs, International Criminal Law, as well as Intellectual Property, Regulatory Compliance, and Data Protection.


Maria Torres
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