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Alejandra García Bustamante

Legal Consultant

Alejandra García Bustamante is a accomplished legal professional with a strong background in legal and compliance affairs. She holds a bachelor's degree in law from the Pontifical Javerian University in Bogotá, Colombia, with a specialization in International Business Law and Tort Law. Currently, she is in the final stages of completing her LL.M. in Compliance at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.

With 5 years of legal experience, Alejandra has demonstrated her expertise across law firms, academic institutions, and corporations. Her roles have enabled her to collaborate with stakeholders from diverse sectors, with a primary focus on the financial and technological industries.

Her advisory proficiency extends to areas such as Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Data Protection, risk mitigation, including third-party risk management, and regulatory compliance for organizations. Additionally, she has effectively led the negotiation and termination of numerous contracts tailored to specific business needs.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Alejandra is multilingual, fluent in Spanish and English, and possesses conversational skills in French. In her spare time, she enjoys engages in and contributes to volunteering initiatives. Moreover, she co-authored a book titled "Living from Art: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Working Life of Plastic and Visual Artists," which has been successfully sold in Latin America.

Her main areas of expertise include:

• Compliance, third-party risk management, and training

• Commercial and Contractual Law

• Business Ethics

• Legal Research

Alejandra García Bustamante
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