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Zlatica Shemova

HR Recruitment Officer

Introducing Zlatica, she brings a unique blend of legal expertise, administrative finesse, and a passion for human connections to her role as an HR Recruitment Officer.

Hold a bachelor's degree in law and a master's degree in international law, international relations, and European Union law. Having amassed over seven years of experience in administrative, legal, and HR domains, stumbled upon recruitment as an all-encompassing field that perfectly encapsulates her education, skills, and deep-rooted passions.

She approaches her work easily navigating through texts, documents, and the intricate nuances of human psychology.

A fierce advocate for ILS (international labor standards), human rights, and justice she views HR and recruitment as powerful tools to champion these causes, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds are given equal opportunities to thrive in their chosen careers. The principles of fairness, transparency, honesty, and objectivity infuse her work, making her a compassionate and empathetic advocate for both candidates and employers alike.

Zlatica Shemova
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