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Serena Wazne

HR Recruitment Officer

Serena Wazne was born in Beirut, Lebanon and currently lives in Rome, Italy. She graduated from Lebanese American University holding a Bachelor in Science in Economics in May 2020. She enrolled in the Mathematics major, and after 2 years she transferred to Economics major.

During her study in Economics field, she took some courses about Human Resources, Analyzing Data and employee productivity. She worked in the human resource department in the Hotel industry for 1 year, and she gave herself a chance to discover that her interest in Human Resources field is way bigger than she expected.

The concept of employee was viewed differently where she believed that companies should truly invest in the right way and to know how to match the employee with the job position. These kind of challenges that she sees are the keys for happier employees and companies.

As much as she loves to discover things about her work field and abilities, she also loves to discover the world and explore more in a lot of nature and history. She enrolled in Specialized Masters in Human Resources & Organization in Rome, Italy in October 2022. This experience is achieving her two targets which are exploring both Human Resources and new adventures.

Her specialty areas are:

• Recruitment
• Management

Serena Wazne
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