Savvas Polatsis

HR Recruitment Officer

Savvas Polatsis, was born in Athens, Greece. He holds BA in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus and MBA degree from the National and Technical University of Athens since 2020. His thesis was about the recruitment process on today’s digital era. Since his academic years he had an interest about the HR and all its functions, therefore, he wants to dive into and excel in the specific sector.

His has worked as an accounting assistant in multinational companies, having to deal with a lot of duties, which helped him to develop his interpersonal skills and other soft skills that are significant for the HR sector.

He believes that Human Factor is the most crucial asset in companies, therefore, employers must develop strategies on recruiting the best individuals for each position and keep their people satisfied.
In his free time, he loves playing basketball, reading scientific books and travelling as much as he can.

His specialty areas are:

• Recruiting
• Communication
• Time management
• Data Analysis

Savvas Polatsis