Ron Raz

HR Recruitment Officer

Ron Raz, was born in Israel and lived most of his life in The Netherlands. He loves learning languages and speaks English, Dutch, Hebrew, and Spanish. One day, he aspires to become fluent in Arabic as well. Ron currently lives in Greece with his wife, where he is offering technical customer support to Dutch customers.
Ron's love for animals, plants, nature, and adventure had initially lead him to study animal care in college and to work in agriculture for some time after graduation. 

Later on, looking to change careers, Ron's expertise in the world of video games he developed in his teens lead him to his first customer support position for a gaming company. He soon realized through this work that he was naturally good with and really enjoyed interacting with and helping people. 

One day, a friend and colleague of Ron's suggested that he would be excellent at recruiting people for a company he was in the process of building. This inspired Ron to find out more about the field of recruiting where skills such as active listening, emphatic relating, and a proactive disposition are essential. He loved what he learned about the field and is very excited to be currently transition into recruiting. 

His specialty areas are:

• Customer support
• Cross-cultural competency
• Diversity and inclusion

Ron Raz