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Roberta Grillo

HR Internal Affairs Communication Officer

Roberta is based in Italy and is a fervent humanist with a rich academic background in art and literature. Her curiosity and enthusiasm extend to all aspects of human creativity. Her participation in the Erasmus programme during her undergraduate studies proved to be a transformative experience, enhancing her self-awareness and independence while deepening her passion for travel, as well as exploring new cultures and languages.

Subsequently, life's twists led her into the realm of digital education. In this capacity, she collaborates closely with corporations to identify optimal training solutions for their staff, thereby gaining insights into business structures and internal processes. Currently employed at Arcadia, Roberta seeks to further her understanding of human resources and internal communications. She is committed to fostering an ecosystem where positive relations thrive among colleagues and where there is a collective endeavour to produce high-quality content for their audience.

Roberta Grillo
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