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Panagiotis Chatziemmanouil

HR Consultant

Panagiotis Chatziemmanouil, was born in 1999, in Kavala, a small city in Greece.
He graduated from the Sociology department of University of the Aegean, in 2021. During his studies, he made research on a variety of subjects, including social classes, labour relationships and social groups of minorities who face discrimination.
The idea that humans can be the most important asset and investment a company can have, fascinated him and was crucial for his passion for Human Resources Management.

His experience revolves around counseling, as he was assigned to a psychosocial care team during his military service. He supported soldiers and officers, providing counseling sessions and finding solutions to problems regarding the facilities and the social life of the military personel.
At the moment, Arcadia is the right environment, in which he can cultivate his skills, connect with people of different ethnicities and pave the way for this beautiful journey in Human Resources.

In his free time, he practises martial arts to be active and fit, being a certified coach in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.
He believes that when people feel appreciated and accepted for who they are, they are able to live up to their full potential, making society a better place!

His specialty areas are:
• Sociology of Work
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Social Dynamics

Panagiotis Chatziemmanouil
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