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Ngozi Nwaukwa

HR Recruitment Officer

Originally from Nigeria, Ngozi is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic, where she lives with her family. She graduated from a university in Czechia, earning both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Special Education Needs.

Ngozi has a deep passion for connecting and engaging with people from diverse backgrounds. This passion has led her to leverage the skills acquired during her studies into a newfound career in Human Resources. She is known for her patience, positive attitude, and a strong commitment to growth and development, both personally and professionally.

Ngozi skillfully balances her professional responsibilities with taking care of her two wonderful children, a girl and a boy. In her free time, she enjoys baking, singing, and playing with her kids.

Joining the Arcadia team as a Human Resource recruiter, Ngozi is excited to contribute to society by applying her skills and passion in this new role.

Ngozi Nwaukwa
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