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Marta Kozimor

HR Recruitment Officer

Marta Kozimor was born in Poland, however she spent most of her life living and studying in Ireland. She graduated from Technological University of Dublin in 2019 with a bachelor degree in Tourism Management. During her studies, Marta found great interest in Human Resource Management.

In her employment history, she has worked as an administrator, HR assistant and payroll specialist. Working in industries such as tourism and transport, Marta had the opportunity to expand her knowledge and learn new skills.Her avocation is psychology, which she believes is a crucial key in order to choose the adequate candidate as well as how to become a great leader, instead of just a manager. Marta claims that employees are the fueling force of a company and should be treated as such.

In May 2022, Marta moved to Croatia to start a new chapter in her life. She is aspiring to become a HR professional in the future and is open to any new challenges which will enable her to grow and gain more experience in the field.

Her specialty areas are:
• Interpersonal skills
• Performance management
• Induction and training

Marta Kozimor
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