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Maria Papoutsian

HR Recruitment Officer

Maria Papoutsian was born in 1992 in Athens, Greece. She gained her BSC's in Psychology at Panteion University of Social and Political Science in 2016. She continued with various of seminars and got certified in Positive Psychology and School Psychology. Following that she continued by getting her MA in Career Development and Counseling from the European University of Cyprus.

In parallel with her studies she has gained experience by working with adolescents as an administrative assistant in a public school. She helped them through discussions over the field of decision making and career management. She would concentrate on supporting them in a safe space where they could reflect, develop and set smart sub-goals to fulfill the ultimate one: to find their "dream" career path. She has also gain some experience on marketing, sales and social media management due to her last employment as a Brand Manager.

She is persistent in everything that she gets excited with and a career in the Human Recourses field is what put emphasis into the most. She loves to perform interviews with new candidates and puts emphasis on the importance the matching of the work values and the vision between the employee and the employer has, for a healthy and productive collaboration. At her free time apart from spending hours in arts, like reading literature and poetry, she has a passion for dance as well and aims to get a professional certificate in Latin dance.

Maria Papoutsian
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