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Linn Holmgren

HR Recruitment Officer

Linn Holmgren, originally from Sweden and presently residing in Spain for the past five years, holds a Bachelor's Degree in HR (Staff, Organization, and Leadership). Her decision to pursue a career in a sunnier locale led her to relocate to Spain upon completing her studies in Sweden. Embracing this transition to a new country facilitated her adaptation to remote work settings, immersed her in a multicultural environment, and enabled her to master a new language.

With an unwavering dedication to continual learning, networking, and fostering enduring connections, Linn possesses multilingual proficiency in English, Swedish, and Spanish. Her robust background in HR, sales, and customer service sparked her interest in a career centred on recruitment. Her driving motivation lies in effecting positive change both for organizations and individuals by aligning the right candidate with the ideal job role and cultivating relationships founded on integrity and trust, thereby establishing a reputable standing.

As an adept and articulate communicator, Linn excels in cultivating and nurturing meaningful relationships with pivotal stakeholders. She exhibits adeptness in guiding cross-functional teams through coaching and training initiatives. Her areas of expertise encompass Recruitment Lifecycle Management, Employee Relations, Administrative Support, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Linn Holmgren
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