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Kathleen Donoghue

HR Recruitment Officer

Kathleen Donoghue was born in Ireland and currently lives in Greece. She graduated with a BA Business Management Degree in 1997 and continued her studies in Human Resources, Training and Development and Coaching. Kathleen is a dedicated Human Resources Professional with over ten years experience working in the private sector, public sector and the oil and gas sector. She is service orientated with a solution focused approach who believes that employees are the key to an organisation’s growth and success. Kathleen believes investing in and training employees to the highest standards reflecting the organisations mission statement while incorporating a people-first approach to maintain and build successful relationships within the organisation, with external business partners, and customers. Through her studies and work in Human Behaviour, Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming, Kathleen recognizes that each person holds within themselves the power to improve, change and design their own life whether at home, at work, or as part of their external environment.
With a flexible and proactive approach to her work and personal attributes such as enthusiasm, energy and adaptability it is her greatest pleasure to be part of the team in an organisations Human Resources Department.

In her free time Kathleen enjoys travelling, reading, walking and spending time with her family.

Her specialty areas are:

• Coaching
• Employee Training and Development
• Personal Growth and Development
• Employee Induction
• Remuneration
• Customer Service
• Goal setting

Kathleen Donoghue
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