Katerina Kasotaki

Human Resources Assistant

Katerina Kasotaki, was born in 1996 in Athens, Greece.
She is a holder of a BA in Psychology from the American College of Greece. She is preparing to take a master's by gaining experience in the Human resources field. She is always looking for opportunities to learn more in the field of Human resources.

She believes that positive psychology is the future and wants to promote the well being factor in any domain of life on individual basis and in society; starting off with her active volunteerism and later on with the proper training to the job field.

She is highly organized, proactive, and has excellent time management skills. She enjoys teamwork and listening to different point of views. She spends her free time studying, playing with her pets, learning a new skill, or traveling.

Her specialty areas are:
• Well being
• Learning and Development
• Recruiting

Katerina Kasotaki