IordAnis Sidiropoulos

HR Recruitment Officer

IordAnis Sidiropoulos, is a Greek multifaceted professional. He has travelled a lot within Greece as part of his personal music tours, he has also lived in Italy, and currently living in Dublin, Ireland. He has been serving the arts sector for many years by managing his own teams and projects, producing, designing, and distributing products. He has recruited people on many occasions, assessing their experience and confidence, interviewing and screening their technical and soft skills. He is also an IT professional, working as a Subject Matter Expert for Play Store’s Global Policies.

He also holds certificates in Project Management, Justice, Agile & DevOps and more. He is a DIT Business Enterprise graduate, and an LYIT Digital Skills graduate. Currently, he is studying IT & Data Centre Management in Ireland and also Psychology at the Italian eCampus university.

His multifaceted and international background working with people from the arts, to aviation, and to IT businesses, has given him the experience required to understand and motivate people in order to achieve their goals.

Iordanis is happy to be contributing to the Arts & Culture sector as an HR Recruiter for Arcadia, selecting passionate and suitable candidates for the business roles required.

His specialty areas are:

• Recruiting
• Communication
• Project management
• Data Analysis

IordAnis Sidiropoulos