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Ingri Allkushi

HR Recruitment Officer

Ingri Allkushi, was born in 1997 and studied Maritime studies at University of Piraeus in Piraeus, Greece. During his studies, he was actively participating in youth projects all over Europe, and did social work driven by a desire to make a positive impact on society. Through his social work, he developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced and the importance of providing support to empower those in need.

His fundamental belief is that people are not just resources but have untapped potential that can be harnessed with the right environment and resources. He strongly advocates that everyone has unique talents to offer when provided with suitable opportunities and support.

Being a part of Arcadia, an organization committed to non-profit aims and fostering a multicultural environment would be incredibly advantageous for him. It provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience and develop a diverse skill set.

His specialty areas are:

• Talent Acquisition
• Employee Relations and Performance
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Interpersonal relationships

Ingri Allkushi
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