Filip Lončar

Human Resources Assistant

Filip Lončar, was born in Zagreb 1990. He decided to study sociology at the university of Zagreb and completed his Master's degree in 2018. At the moment he is a grad student in pedagogy and ethnology and cultural anthropology.

During his Master's degree in sociology he found passion for the social world especially in departments of criminology, deviant behavior, resocialization and education. With hope of broadening his perspective he continues his effort within shared space of knowledge of pedagogy and ethnology.

He aspires to become a HR specialist within the field of people and culture and learning and development.

Filip loves running and cycling with history of winning on the track, and off it. But that kind of competitive achievement was never his true passion.
His true drive lies within teamwork where the focus is not on being better than someone else, but to do something remarkable, innovative and possibly helpful to the broader society.

His specialty areas are:
• Counseling
• Teaching
• Negotiation
• Data-based decision
• Strategic planning

Filip Lončar