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Filio Tsigka

HR Recruitment Officer

Filio Tsigka, was born in 1998 and studied Psychology at the University of Westminster, London. In 2021 started her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and Organisational Analysis at King’s College London. Living in London helped her to adapt into different cultures and gain an international experience. During her MSc she took some extra accreditations in HR and Digital Marketing at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Her transferable skills helped her to understand her passion for finding the right people for the right position. She understood that is a key contributor to people’s career satisfaction when their aspirations are aligned with business needs. Therefore, Arcadia will provide her with the experience and will allow her to thrive and grow in the field of HR.

Further to her academic and educational interests, she enjoys spending free time swimming, travelling, and cooking.

Her specialty areas are:

· Diversity and Inclusion

· Psychology

· Organisational Psychology and Business

Filio Tsigka
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