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Eva Freitas

HR Consultant

Eva was born in 1986 in Madeira Island, Portugal. In 2011 she finished her master's degree in Clinical Psychology, at Lisbon University.

Since always, she remembers trying to better understand everything we feel, its origins and its ramifications. She has been a Clinical Psychologist for over 12 years and has worked in a wide variety of contexts.

The experience that most marked her was during the years in which she collaborated with a non-profit organization in Portugal, where she provided support to children from very disadvantaged backgrounds. She will never forget the impact those children had in her life.

Later on she decided to combine her background with Organizational Psychology, having finished her postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management in 2018. As an HR professional her main goal is to cultivate trustworthy relationships with all the stakeholders (internal and external) through active listening and respect.

In Arcadia she hopes to contribute with her knowledge, training and sensitivity and also to be able to learn from all the diversity, inspirational and humanistic projects that Arcadia promotes.

Her areas of expertise:

• Cultural Transformation
• Career and Succession Management
• Employee Relations
• Onboarding
• Mentorship
• Therapy

Eva Freitas
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