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Eleni Douli

HR Recruitment Officer

Eleni Douli was born in 1994 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Her background studies are in Psychology (BSc) and in Clinical Neuropsychology (MSc).

She has been working as a Psychologist in educational settings during the last 3 years. She has clinical and research experience as a Psychologist in various settings, like hospitals and university labs. She has also worked as an adult educator, facilitating employees’ personal and professional development.
Eleni is continuously pursuing opportunities for her own development, and has recently started attending courses in Human Resources Management.

Helping people find job opportunities matching their qualifications and skills is rewarding for her. She enjoys working in a people-oriented environment, interacting with people daily and building relationships.

Her main interest areas are:

• Human behavior
• Cognition
• Interpersonal relationships

Eleni Douli
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