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Dimos Mavrodimos

HR Consultant

Dimos was born in 1982 in Greece. He began his career studying Molecular Biology and working in research before transitioning to Human Resources Management. He also pursued an Associate degree in Organisational Psychology and Leadership and is currently studying part-time towards a Bachelor's in Law.

The turning point in his career came when he started working in HR roles and discovered a talent for understanding people, emotions, and intentions. This realization led him to continuously evolve and learn in the field.

Driven by a passion for organizational optimization and a determination to improve the relationship between employees and organizations, Dimos aims to contribute his knowledge, training, and organizing skills to Arcadia's mission. He is excited about the diversity, inspiration, and worldwide projects that Arcadia offers, and looks forward to continuing to learn and evolve in this environment.

His areas of expertise include Career and Succession Management, Employee Relations, Onboarding, Mentorship, Career Counseling, Process Re-engineering and Optimization, and Organizational Structures.

Dimos Mavrodimos
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