Dimitra Giannakaki

HR Recruitment Officer

Dimitra Giannakaki, was born in 1994 in Crete, Greece. Graduated from University of Crete in Sociology. Thanks to her Bachelors degree, she discovered her interest around Social Interaction, Cultural Heritage and Social Change.

While studying her BSc in Sociology at University of Crete, she developed an interest in Cultural Anthropology, the interaction between individuals and their cultural environment. This led her to communicate more with people, as she found very intriguing to research and learn more about their stories.

She has experience as a Career Counselor’s Assistant, where she assisted job seekers in their job search. She is also an experienced Social Researcher & Educator. Through her work she seeks to help people achieve their goals and dreams and get the motivation they need to succeed.
She is creative and never stops learning and evolving. Some of her passions are Photography, Arts & Traveling.

Her specialty areas are:
• Sociology
• Career Counseling
• Intercultural Communication
• Education

Dimitra Giannakaki