Bilge Korkmaz

HR Recruitment Officer

Bilge Korkmaz, was born in Ankara Turkey 1998. She graduated from the Psychology department at TED University in 2020. At the same time during her bachelor's degree, she made a secondary field about Management at TED University. Now she is continuing her education by doing a master's degree in Clinical Psychology for Individuals Family and Organizations at the University of Bergamo.

After her bachelor's degree, she started to work as a psychologist in a psychological counseling company, at the same time she continued her education and training in the clinical area which is;
-Experiential Play Therapy,
-some personality tests (MMPI, TAT)
-and various certificated trauma studies.

Moreover, to contribute to her secondary field she did an internship in human resources management and she is continuing to take education in the fields of human resources and recruitment. All these experiences in the various areas, helped her to understand her main career paths not only clinical psychology but also the organizational part of psychology.

Now she is living in Italy and being in a different culture gained her a new perspective and experience. Thanks to her current master's degree, she also keeps going to enhance her interest in the fields of management and human resources. She is looking forward to having more experience in the human resources department and she is planning to shape her near future in this field.

Her specialty areas;
-Organizational and Working Psychology
-Clinical Psychology

Bilge Korkmaz