Apostolos Vrynios

HR Recruitment Officer

Apostolos Vrynios was born in Athens, Greece in 1996. He started his studies in psychology at the University of East London and at the moment he is proceeding with his master’s degree in Organizational Psychology. During his studentship, Apostolos gathered practical experience in multiple fields such as neuropsychology, counseling psychology, positive psychology and elderly psychology.

About his professional profile, he started as a volunteer psychologist at Athens Alzheimer’s Association his tasks included: neuropsychological evaluation for people over 60 years old for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, MCI, and depression, and the coordination of nonpharmacological interventions for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

The next year he took the role of research assistant psychologist at the same association with the purpose to conduct scientific research with the use of an innovative mnemonic technique to decline the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Apostolos is proud of his scientific results, the strong relationships that he built during his research with the participants, and the publication of his intervention in the Athens Alzheimer’s Association’s published book.

In between those years, during the summer seasons, he was working as a receptionist and recruiter at a hotel. That moment was the first touch of Apostolos with recruiting and started developing a passion for it and how he could improve the process. Thus, he got multiple certificates in the Talent Acquisition field. Since he finished his research, he had to fulfill his military obligations, as a military psychologist. His tasks included: the recruitment process of recruits by conducting interviews and using psychometric tests, 24hour psychological support service, psychological assistance, aiming at the smooth adjustment of soldiers in the military camps until their military service is completed, identification of emotional and psychological dysfunctions, and acted as an escort for patients diagnosed with mental disorders during their transfer to another hospital.

The above experiences created a bridge of positive emotions for Apostolos and the HR field, combining his passion for people and providing support, he believes we can change everything by implementing knowledge in our society. From theory to practice for a better future.

• His specialty areas are:
• Counseling, Coaching
• Psychometrics, Psychological Evaluation
• Recruitment, Sourcing

Apostolos Vrynios