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Aleyna Zerrin Tomazos

HR Recruitment Officer

Aleyna Zerrin Tomazos, was born in Istanbul in 1998. She graduated from Psychological and Guidance Counseling from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University in 2020. During her studies she worked as an intern at a reputable Psychology Clinic where she gained valuable experience allowing her to further develop and fine tune her psychologist’s skills. Her continuous involvement in various projects related to the field allowed her to enhance herself during her studies. Upon graduating, Mrs Tomazos got training in Family Therapy and worked in schools where she played a crucial role in supporting students and families through concrete action based plans. While she highly values her time at her previous company, she feels that her experience and skills could be extended to other settings.

Therefore she took courses and did an internship in HR with a focus on recruitment to gain and improve her knowledge in this field. Mrs Tomazos’ interest in Organizational and Industrial psychology and Human Resources is a natural extension of her career path and would allow more opportunities for growth aligning with her career goals. Her dedication and passion for finding proactive solutions that would enhance relations and contribute to the creation of a positive environment are the skills that make her an asset to any company and a great fit as a human resources assistant.

Aleyna Zerrin Tomazos
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