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Alexandra Tomics

HR Recruitment Officer

Alexandra Tomics was born in 1997 in Novi Sad, Serbia. In her hometown, she finished elementary school and found a passion for sports (volleyball), as well as the importance of teamwork, support, and cheering on team members.

High school she finished in Budapest, Hungary, where she lived for the five years. Then she decided to move from Budapest to Maribor, Slovenia, to study at university. In 2020, she will graduate from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Maribor with a bachelor’s degree in Economic and Business Science, module: Business Management and Organization.
In Slovenia, she faced significant challenges, such as not knowing the Slovenian language, which was required for following lectures and taking exams, a different culture than she was used to, and a different way of life among the locals. Persistence and ambition to complete what she started helped her overcome those obstacles.

After completing her undergraduate studies, she returned to her hometown, from where she decided to pursue a master's degree in Human Resource management at the University of Milan. She enrolled in that course in 2021 and she is currently in her final year at the same university.
She enjoys working with people, learning new things, and expanding knowledge and experience.
In the future, she hopes to become a professional in human resource management and to deepen her understanding of psychology.

Her specialty areas are:

• Organizational behavior
• Conflict management
• Negotiation
• Business Management

Alexandra Tomics
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