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Alexandra Chlorou

HR Recruitment Officer

Alexandra was born and raised in Greece.

She is a Law graduate from the Democritus university of Thrace in Greece and got her LL.M. in International Private Law from Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey.

She spent several years working as a lawyer both in the private and public sector but Law was not her call.

After COVID hit and in order to stay busy, she decided to start working remotely as customer care representative. In this job, she realized there are several ways to serve people and decided to pursue a career in the HR department.

She is an HR certified specialist and at the moment is studying in order to get her certification in Recruiting. Having the experience of working and coexisting with people from different backgrounds provided her with the opportunity to understand how difficult but yet fulfilling and very important it is to make everyone happy to go to work and provide them with a safe working environment.

She is curious and always tries to learn new things.

Areas of interest:

• Law
• Recruiting
• Talent Acquisition
• Diversity and Inclusion

Alexandra Chlorou
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