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Aglaia Sanaki

HR Recruitment Officer

Aglaia Sanaki was born in Greece in 1998. After finishing her studies in Chemistry at University of Ioannina, she worked in customer service in several occasions. That’s when she realized that a role with greater interaction with people would be a better fit for her. When she understood that the element that gives real value to an organization and makes the difference compared to another is its people, she knew that she had to be a part of their growth in their journey across an organization or a company. So, she started immediately taking courses in Human Resources Development, Recruitment and Business skills to gain deeper knowledge in the field! She cannot wait to develop her skillset even further by meeting more people in an international level from “Arcadia” and is extremely eager to provide her services. Something that is non negotiable to her, is the need to provide a safe environment to those that feel threatened and not understood so that, at some point, this society belongs to everyone, for real.
In her free time she loves listening to podcasts, especially the ones regarding psychology as she finds great interest in understanding human behavior.

Her expertise areas are:

• Emotional Intelligence
• Recruitment
• Diversity&Inclusion

Aglaia Sanaki
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