Nora Schmel

Master Of Belle-Lettre

Nora Schmel, has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Arts London and has earned her Bachelor’s degree in Publishing and Distribution of Books and Multimedia in Budapest.

Born and raised in Hungary, she then moved to London, where she began to work with art magazines and publishers and co-founded Edition Residencies, a female art residency program. During her ten years-long stay in the U.K. capital, she organized as well as participated in several art exhibitions and cultural events.

Since 2018, she is pursuing her career as a writer, editor, and visual artist in Barcelona, Spain. Alongside her personal projects, she is a guest editor of TAST literary magazine and an enthusiastic member of the Spring & All Poetry Club.

Her speciality areas are:
• Fine Arts
• Multimedia

Nora Schmel