Marion de Jong

Editor In Chief

Marion de Jong, was born in the French Occitanie and raised in a small Mediterranean town in the East coast of Spain. Early on she manifested an inclination in visual arts, cinema and contemporary literature. Since wandering museum halls had always captivated her, it came as no surprise when she moved to Valencia to enrol in Art History.

Later on, having gained a greater knowledge of the Art scene, she took on a Master's degree in Barcelona, while still being involved in different art projects. From curating exhibitions and working in an auction house to having galleries showcasing her photography and publishing her research, she continued making her way through the Art world.

Currently based in Valencia, you may come across her browsing the shelves of bookshops, spending the afternoon at the local cinematheque or visiting the latest exhibition opening.

Her main specialty areas are:
• Visual Arts
• Cinema
• Contemporary Literature

Marion de Jong