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Maria Lacza

Chief Human Resources Officer

Maria Lacza was born in Hungary and has been living in Qatar for 8 years. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 1993. She completed 2 marketing semesters in Ireland during her university study. After 20 years of company operation (HR / Recruitment / Business Operation / Administration) she realized that she was very interested in changing her career and moved to Qatar. Being in Qatar helped her to experience and adapt multicultural job environment.

She believes in that finding potential employees that are qualified for the job is only the beginning. Once you find them, you need to convince them that becoming an employee of your company is in their best interest and that is something that she can do very well. Recruitment and onboarding processes are the first contact points for the candidates, these experiences are showing them the company’s culture and values. She is support orientated with a problem-solving approach who believes that employees come first.

In her free time Maria enjoys travelling, volunteering with various sport events, driving in the desert and spending time with friends.

Her specialty areas are:

• Recruitment
• Onboarding
• Employer and employee branding
• Company operation
• Team leads and support

Maria Lacza
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