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Erika Giulietti

Chief Creative Officer

Erika Giulietti, born and raised in Perugia, Italy, Erika Giulietti is a photographer and an art director. She graduated with her bachelor’s in art Direction at NID, Nuovo Institute Design (specifically in the fields of photography and video making) in 2021 and she continued her studies at Florence’s Institute Marangoni, attending a short course in Art & Design Culture. At the moment, she is completing her journey through art studies by attending a CAS master's in Contemporary Art Curating at Zurich University of The Arts.

Her diversified yet art-centered study pursuit led her career to develop in different directions: at the moment she mainly works as a photographer for different institutions and her projects, but still, she manages to work on a more theoretical level, writing about art for Decalogue Magazine website, an online platform about experimental photography. She also works with artists and photographers curating online releases of their works.

Her last curatorial project was “Compost — The Open Bin” at Zurich’s OnCurating Project Space, a sequential and choreographed series of interlocking events on the topic of “Composting Knowledge”, where she took part of the curatorial team and also took care of the graphic visual identity of the project.

Her main specialties are:

• Photography
• Contemporary Art
• Art Curating & Writing Design

Erika Giulietti
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