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Doğukan Ejder

Founder & CEO

Doğukan Ejder, was born in 1999 in Turkey’s capital city. Several years after his birth, he moved back to Istanbul where he started his educational career. Throughout the years, from primary school all the way through his college years, he founded numerous school newspapers and was elected as Editor In Chief.
He spent extensive time on translation, writing and editing for domestic and international companies. In 2019, after his success in business, life and education, he began his studies at Yeditepe University majoring in English Language and Literature. After finishing the first year, he decided to begin a double major, taking International Relations with Political Science as his second major.

He has enriched his academic life with many awards from domestic and international organizations, universities and clubs. Currently, Doğukan Ejder has augmented his major studies at:

• Yale University
• University of London
• Saint Petersburg University
• Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals
• Sciences Po
• Leiden University
• University of Geneva
• ESSEC Business School
• University of Alberta
• University of Colorado Boulder
• HSE university

Dogukan founded Arcadia as an international non-profit organization in 2021 and currently holds the title of CEO of the Arcadia NGO.
He maintains his love for writing by acting as one of Arcadia’s writers.

His areas of specialty are:
• Ancient Greek Literature
• Roman Literature
• English Literature
• Philosophy
• International Relations and Politics

Doğukan Ejder
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