Anamaria Oprinesc

Chief Content Officer

Anamaria Oprinesc, fellow human born in a small town in Romania in 1998. Later, she moved to Cluj-Napoca, where she still resides today, to study Graphics at the University of Art and Design. There, she explored many artistic mediums such as traditional drawing and painting, printmaking, film photography, graphic design and illustration.

During this time she developed a fascination with observing how life is happening outside of her and through her own eyes, so she went further to explore the subjectivity of perception in her Bachelor’s Degree Project, studying still life scenarios happening and transforming in her personal space.

The theme of subjective perception can also be noticed in her digital illustrations (a passion that she is slowly, but surely developing even more) where familiar objects and scenes can be easily depicted in an image where the purpose is also telling a story/conveying a message.

Her hobbies include spending time in nature, walking barefoot on grass, dancing and experiencing life at its fullest alongside people she loves. Also, let’s not forget about playing strategic board games and 2-player video-games, hobbies that one day she wants to include in her professional career through studying character design, 3d modeling and animation.

Anamaria Oprinesc