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Özgenaz Özgür

Social Media Cordinator

Özgenaz Özgür was born in 1999 in Samsun/Turkey. She pursued her bachelor’s degree in architecture in Istanbul. During her studies, she was fortunate to study in Politechnika Gdańska.

Apart from architecture she always had a passion for drawing. Before studying architecture she wasn't into digital art however eventually she had a chance to experience new tools. This experience made her more willing to develop her skills in art. After graduation, she started to work as an architectural intern. While working as an architectural intern she wanted to express her interest in creating illustrations which is why she also started to work as a freelance illustrator.

From her previous educational experience, she managed to gain teamwork ethic and communication skills by working with large groups.

Her specialty areas are:

• Architecture
• Parametric design
• Illustration
• Graphic design
• Technical drawing
• Project planning

Özgenaz Özgür
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