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Viviana D'Agostino

Deputy Editor In Chief

Viviana D’Agostino was born in 1998 in Palermo, Italy.

In 2020 she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature from her hometown's university, focusing her studies mainly on Latin and Italian Literature, Linguistics and History. She then pursued her interest in the publishing industry and moved to Parma, where she graduated with a master’s degree in Journalism and Publishing Culture, with a thesis about the lesser-known women of Italy's publishing industry during the twentieth century.

Viviana is now dedicated to developing and improving her skills as an editor.

She has always had a passion for writing and reading, devouring books from a very young age. She’s fascinated about how language shape our conception of the world and how words can have a deep impact on people.

In her free time she likes smelling brand-new books, watching TV shows and movies, learning new languages by herself and traveling.

Her specialty areas are:

• Literature (specifically Italian Literature and Poetry)
• History
• Cultural studies
• Cinema

Viviana D'Agostino
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