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Tin Lok Wu


Tin Lok Wu was born in Hong Kong, in 2000. After graduating with a degree in European Studies from Hong Kong Baptist University, he discovered a passion for a wide range of disciplines, including ecology, economics, and politics. Driven by a desire to incorporate diverse perspectives into political discourse, he worked as a writer for an e-news organisation, amplifying the voices of individuals from across the political spectrum.

Tin Lok's quest for knowledge and passion for global citizenship led him to France, where he pursued a master's degree in political science at Sciences Po Lyon, specialising in public policy and international relations. Through his studies and experiences, he has developed a deep understanding of the complexities of the world's political systems and is committed to promoting liberal values and creating positive change. He is a passionate advocate for the power of words and knowledge to shape our world, and he sees his work as an editor and a scholar in ByArcadia as a vital means of creating a more just and equitable global society.

His specialty areas are:

• European Civilisation
• European History
• European Politics
• International Relations
• Public Policies

Tin Lok Wu

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