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Teresa Rubio-Tomás


Teresa Rubio-Tomás was born in 1989 in Spain. She pursued a Bachelor in Biology and then a Master in Biomedical Research, both in Pompeu Fabra University. After that, she moved to Greece, where she got a PhD in the field of molecular biology of cancer. After working as a researcher in Spain, she went back to Greece, where she keeps on doing research as a postdoctoral fellow. She currently works on many projects, mainly focused on unravelling the biological mechanisms of ageing, neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic disorders.

Additionally, she is a passionate of education and she has a Master in Education, specialized in Biology didactics. She also likes to socialize, to enjoy Mediterranean seaside and archaeological sites.

His main areas of research are:

• Molecular Biology
• Cancer Biology
• Ageing
• Epigenetic

Teresa Rubio-Tomás

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