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Sneha Madhusoodhanan


Sneha Madhusoodhanan was born in 1997 in Palakkad, India. She has been
writing for over 13 years, running the gamut from research papers and blogs
to poetry and creative writing.

She graduated in English Language and Literature from the University of
Calicut. Her first stint as an Editor came in 2016 when she spearheaded the
annual publication of the college literary magazine Mercy Chronicle. It sparked
a lifelong passion for editing and proofreading, helping her develop a keen eye
for detail and a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling.

Encouraged by its success, she went on to gain experience as a Project
Management Trainee in the book publishing industry. It further solidified her
love for the field as she built a profound understanding of an idea’s journey to
becoming a book.

Two years later, she completed a master’s in English and Comparative
Literature at Pondicherry Central University. At the same time, the
Government of India awarded her with Junior Research Fellowship to pursue
doctoral studies in English. Moreover, she also qualified for the National
Eligibility Test to work as an Assistant Professor in India.

With a proven record of qualifications under her belt, Sneha has since
rendered her expertise to students and professionals alike. She has written
and/or edited SOPs, cover letters, research papers, dissertations and business
brochures, to name a few. Besides, she attends various writing courses from
time to time and hones her technical skills to stay current.

She also continues to blog biweekly on Medium. While poetry, short fiction,
and book reviews are her niches, she equally engages in writing academic

Sneha is a polyglot who can speak five languages: English, German, Hindi,
Tamil, and Malayalam. Sneha enjoys playing badminton, walking, cycling,
reviewing films and reciting poetry outside of writing and reading.

Areas of speciality:
● English and American literature
● British literary movements
● Feminism
● Culture

Sneha Madhusoodhanan

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