Scarlett Hockley

Ghost Editor

Scarlett Hockley, born at UK, in 1998. She did attended school in South England before going on to study English Literature at Oxford Brookes University where she earned a 2:1.

During her time at university, Scarlett volunteered her time at Mammal Zine, writing and editing articles focused on music, art and culture in East Oxford. Scarlett also completed a period of work experience at the renowned creative marketing agency Splash Worldwide (now Jellyfish).

Scarlett currently specialises in teaching English as a second language and linguistics. She has a keen interest in fourth-wave feminism and the influence of modern technology on identity. Scarlett also enjoys playing the guitar and doodling.

Her specialty areas are:

• English Literature
• Academic Editing
• Linguistics

Scarlett Hockley

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