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Sarar Shleweet


Sarar Shleweet was born in 1990 in Damascus, Syria. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature at Damascus University. After graduating, she worked with a team of translators in sworn translation office in Damascus. In 2017, she left Syria to pursue her Master’s studies in Budapest where she got a degree of Expert in Film Studies from Eötvös Loránd University, at the side of a degree in Hungarian language from the same university.

Sarar grew up reading the works of Latin American writer Isabel Allende, she considered her an idol. Later at univeristy, she discovered how fathomless Russian literature could be; her favorite novel became Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky. She worked as a free-lance translator for more than ten years. Sarar currently lives in the Netherlands where she attempts to learn the Dutch language. In her free time, she advocates for the environment and calls for animal equality, attempts to play the lute, listens to classic Oriental music, reveiws films and reads criticism on her favorite film websites.

Her specialties are:

• Cinema
• Early feminist literature
• Translation and editin

Sarar Shleweet

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